Muckamore Cricket & Lawn Tennis Club
Muckamore Cricket & Lawn Tennis Club
Muckamore Cricket & Lawn Tennis Club
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Where it all Began.....

In the beginning....

John Joseph Robinson was a member of the staff of the York Street Flax Spinning Company, who played for Massereene in the late 1860’s. When he came to live at the Muckamore School House with the Entwhistle family in 1874 he formed Muckamore Cricket Club.

The original ground was at Boghead but circumstances meant the ground was moved to Oldstone and later to Moylena, where we have been playing continuously for about 125 years.

In 1894 a local minister strongly disapproved of a barrel of beer being delivered to the ground each Saturday and finished on the Sunday, so he formed Greenmount C.C. for the junior members and boys from his Bible Class. This club played on the opposite side of the six mile water from Moylena but in 1897 the two clubs agreed to merge, electing John G. Entwhistle to captain Muckamore, a position he continuously held for 27 years.

This amalgamation brought new life to the club and with the increased number of players it also became possible to form a second XI. Around this time the first pavilion was built and the new square was laid with turf at the cost of £18. These improvements helped socially as well as improving batting standards.


Tennis touches at Muckamore

 “The Master” John G. Entwhistle, had a new fangled contraption called a motorcycle and sidecar and decided to dismantle the lawn tennis posts and nets at a court in his garden for the purpose of bringing it in his side car to the cricket grounds. This meant that club tennis could be played for the first time in the district- and by both sexes!

Obviously with tennis only being 2/3 of the age of its older partner most people don’t associate the partnership, however tennis players can look with justifiable pride at the 100 year partnership, a partnership with two unique achievements in local sport. The first cricket club to reach it centenary accompanied by a tennis section and it is the oldest surviving joint cricket and tennis club.

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