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The final weekend of Muckamore’s season ended in a flurry of three rearranged

20/20 matches as they desperately sought to get those extra points to keep their

Premier League status for next year. On Saturday they entertained Waringstown

who batted first taking their score to 62 runs into the 9 th over before A Dennison

was caught by wicketkeeper David Miller off Steve Lazars second delivery.

Shane Henderson then struck in the next over having L Nelson caught behind

by wicketkeeper Miller and M McClean caught by ‘long on’ fielder Neil Gill to

leave Waringstown on 66 runs for 3 wickets in the 10 th over. G Thompson and

H Azam were the new batsmen and in the next 6 overs they added 58 runs

before the latter was caught by ‘point’ fielder Henderson off an Aditya Adey

delivery. The new batsman was K McCallan and the score progressed to 132

runs before his partner Thompson was caught on the boundary by ‘long on

fielder’ Gill in the 18 th over off a Pavan Karthik delivery after scoring 33 runs.

With just 2 overs remaining Gill returned to have McCallan caught by ‘long off’

fielder Lazars and in Karthik’s last over J Mitchell was caught by the busy ‘long

on’ fielder Gill to end the Waringstown innings on 146 runs in their allocated 20

overs. Best of the Muckamore bowlers were Pavan Karthik who took 2 wickets

for 22 runs and Shane Henderson who took 2 wickets for 27 runs. David Miller

and Jamie Rodgers opened the Muckamore innings and they took the score to

20 runs into the 5 th over before the former’s top edged shot was easily caught by

wicketkeeper Mitchell. Sam Gordon followed and he could only watch Rodgers

being given out lbw to McCallan’s very next delivery. Steve Lazars joined

Gordon and the Muckamore revival began for in the next 9 overs 83 runs were

added before the former was bowled by that man McCallan again to end his

entertaining attacking 56 run innings. Neil Gill was the new batsman and the

score advance to 110 runs into the 15 th over until Gordon hesitated going for a

quick single to be run out by an accurate return throw to the wicket to bring his

promising 25 run innings to an end. Aditya Adey was Gill’s new partner but not

for long as the latter was bowled by Nelson in the very same over. Shane

Henderson was next and with Adey they added 22 runs in the next 4 overs

before the latter was bowled by Nelson. Luke Allen came to the wicket and

Henderson scored 12 more runs taking the score to 145 runs just 2 runs short of

victory. Then in the mounting tension Allen ran himself out leaving Francis

Collins to come in to face the last two deliveries. Nothing off the first one

leaving just one run needed earn the tie that would clinch Muckamore’s place in

the Premier League next season. Collins played the ball and ran but bowler J

Mitchell picked it up and broke the stumps leaving Collins inches short of the

crease to deny Muckamore the points they so desperately wanted. Shocked

disappointment and silence from the Muckamore players and supporters as they

realised what had happened as this great chance had slipped out of their hands.

Best of the Waringstown bowlers were K McCallan who took 3 wickets for 22

runs and L Nelson who took 2 wickets for 30 runs.

The Sunday morning game at Moylena was against fellow strugglers Instonians

who batted first and scored 150 runs in their allocated 20 overs. A spurt of runs

from their top class player M Cumming against what was poor Muckamore

bowling allowed him to score 59 runs before he was stumped by wicketkeeper

David Miller after missing a tempting David Steen delivery. Wicketkeeper

David Miller took a brilliant catch, the best of the season, flinging himself high

to his right, to dismiss teenage batsman B Rose off a Gill delivery in the 19 th

over. Best of the Muckamore bowlers were Neil Gill who took 4 wickets for 17

runs and Steve Lazars who took 2 wickets for 26 runs. David Miller and Jamie

Rodgers opened the batting for Muckamore but in the 3 rd over with the score on

12 runs the latter was very unfortunate to slip when going for a quick run and

was easily run out. Sam Gordon joined Miller but in the very next over he was

bowled by J Manley after scoring only 3 runs. Steve Lazars was the new

batsman and with Miller they attacked the Instonians bowling adding 35 runs in

the next 4 overs until the latter’s 16 run innings ended when he top edged an R

McKinley delivery to be caught by ‘third man’ fielder A White. Aditya Adey

was next and he hit a big six before he and his partner were bamboozled by

deliveries from A White to both be stumped by wicketkeeper J Metcalfe in the

9 th over to leave Muckamore struggling on 60 runs for 5 wickets. Luke Allen

and Neil Gill were now at the wicket and the next two over produced 7 runs

before the latter somehow edged the ball off a White delivery high into the air

to be caught by the onrushing ‘third man’ fielder J Magee after scoring only one

run. Shane Henderson was Allen’s new partner but in the next over the latter

was caught by ‘long on’ fielder J Magee to end his 14 run innings. Now on 76

runs for 7 wickets Francis Collins was the new batsman and the score

progressed to 80 runs into the 13 th over before Henderson top edged the ball

high into the air to give wicketkeeper J Metcalfe the easiest of catches. Pavan

Karthik was the penultimate batsman and two more runs were added until

Collins boundary bound shot was caught by the ‘long off’ fielder O Metcalfe to

allow last man in David Steen to join his fellow bowler at the wicket and they

showed their so called better team batsmen how to score some runs as they

remained unbeaten adding 33 more runs, taking the score to a respectable 115

runs at the end of their allocated 20 overs to lose the game by 35 runs. Pavan

and David were unbeaten with 18 runs and 13 runs respectively. Best of

the Instonians bowlers were J Manley who took 3 wickets for 11 runs, A White

who took 3 wickets for 19 runs and R McKinley who took 2 wickets for 17


On to Carrickfergus for the second game of the day and the team arrived to

frustratingly wait for the allocated start time to arrive. The skies darkened and

with the home team batting first the game got underway in a light drizzle. Seven

runs were score before Aditya Adey bowled the Carrick batsman but as the rain

got heavier the players were forced from the field. Although information was

coming in that outside a half mile radius there was no rain. But it seemed that

the gods were against Muckamore and as the rain continued the clock was

ticking on the inevitable time lost on overs reduction. As everyone anxiously

waited the umpires calculated that the least allowed five over game must start

not later than 19.10 hrs or it would be abandoned. The rain stopped and with

half an hour to the deadline the umpires carried out an inspection of the playing

surface, but the damage was done and they had no alternative but to abandon

the game, leaving the Muckamore team relegated, regretting the very narrow

defeat by Waringstown the day before.

The already promoted Muckamore Fourths had Bangor Thirds as visitors to

Moylena for their last match of the season on Sunday. Bangor batted first and

in their 30 overs scored a massive 246 runs for the loss of 6 wickets. Their top

batsmen were C Houston with 75 runs not out and M Quinn with 71 runs. Best

of the Muckamore bowlers was Shakeel Shaikh who took 4 wickets for 55 runs.

Muckamore replied with a big score also but their 198 runs for 6 wickets wasn’t

enough on the day and they lost by 48 runs. Their top batsmen were Manu

Mohandas who scored 47 runs and Shakeel Shaikh who scored 43 runs. Best of

the Bangor bowlers were C Cox who took 2 wickets for 20 runs and M Pollen

who took 2 wickets for 38 runs.

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